Schools FAQ

  • What subjects will I study?

    This depends on year of entry, but typically students entering year 10 will study around ten subjects. These will include core subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science as well as optional subjects such as humanities, arts and technology subjects. For year 12 entry, students normally study three subjects of their choice to an in depth level.

  • What will a boarding school be like?

    As with all schools, boarding schools vary, however in the lower years it is most likely that you will share a bedroom and bathrooms with others.  As you progress through the school, and particularly in sixth form, it is more likely that you will have your own room to sleep and study.

    The boarding house will have house parents, who live on the premises to look after you, along with other staff to assist you.  All meals are provided and snacks are available outside of mealtimes.

    A great advantage of boarding school life is the wide range of activities and experiences, which gives you the opportunity to develop a multitude of skills and interests that can often contribute to career development.

  • Will I have to wear school uniform?

    Up to completion on year 11, students are expected to wear full school uniform. Guidance on individual schools uniform policy is provided once a school place is offered. For students in sixth form, years 12/13, dress is smart casual or business wear.

Some of the most common frequently asked questions are addressed here.

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