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Become a Host Family for an International Student

Being a Host Family for an international Student can be incredibly rewarding experience as you welcome someone from a different culture into your home.  Students come from many different backgrounds, with different customs and family lives and as a host you have the priviledge to help them learn to adapt to life and school in the UK, as well as British Customs and ways of living.  Many of the students which come here to study are looking to get good grades and progress onto British Universities, or are looking to improve their English and understanding of the UK before returning home.

Whatever the reason, hosting can provide a great opportunity as you get to know the young person in your care, sharing experiences and learning together, as they adapt to life in the UK.

“We have been hosting foreign students for about 5 years now. During that time we have welcomed about 20 students into our home. Every one of them has bravely left family and friends to come to a new country to improve their English. It’s been a privilege to get to know these young people, to support and enjoy them as they settle into school and make friends here.
We have shared meals, board games, films and outings. It has been a lot of fun and we have made some very special friends”.  (JD Host Mother)

Read more about becoming a host family for an overseas student.


Alpha Guardians is accredited by AEGIS, the Association for the Education and the Guardianship of International students.

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