Finding an Educational Guardian for your child

Children and young people who come to study alone in the UK from abroad are required to have an Educational Guardian. The Guardian is there to help and support the young person when in the UK, and take on the responsibilities as you would as parents, if you were living here.  

The Education Guardian is responsbile for many things, which includes:

    • Arranging host family accommodation for holidays and half terms
    • Emergency accommodation, should you child be unable to remain at the school for any reason
    • Airport transfers to/from school and transport to the host family
    • Applying for school places (if required) and supervising the academic process through application and enrolment
    • Ongoing support for your child throughout their time with Alpha Guardians
    • Liaison with the school and host family/boarding house on day to day matters regarding your child
    • Attendance at Parents Evenings
    • 24/7 emergency cover.
    • Assistance with any health, financial or travel needs

These are some of the things that Alpha Guardians does, to enable each student to achieve the most from their stay


Alpha Guardians is accredited by AEGIS, the Association for the Education and the Guardianship of International students.

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