Introducing Alpha Guardians

Alpha Guardians provides high quality Guardianship Services for students studying in the UK living without their parents.  We have students studying in both Independent and State schools, living in boarding accommodation or with a local host family. Many of our students have progressed onto top British Universities after leaving our care.

We offer excellent support packages for all international students in our care and aim to be no further than 45 minutes from each student placed. Alpha Guardians is based just an hour by train from London, based in Suffolk, on the East coast of the UK.   We welcome students from all around the world.

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“Personally knowing each student in my care, visiting them at school, watching their achievements and celebrating their successes, makes my job worthwhile”

Trudy Jacklin. Managing Director, Alpha Guardians

What is an Educational Guardian?

Children and young people who come alone to study in the UK from abroad are required to have an Educational Guardian, who will take on the responsibilities on behalf of the parents, in finding a suitable host family, applying for school places (if required) and supervising the academic process through application, enrolment and study to ensure everything is ready for your child to begin their course of study.

The school will then deal with the education guardian on day-to day matters and your child can turn to Alpha Guardians for help in any situation, as we provide 24/7 emergency cover. We are also able to help with any health, financial or travel needs ensuring your child has a safe and enjoyable time whilst here in the UK.

Around the World

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A selection of the countries to which we provide our guardianship service.


Well done our student Sophie. An excellent report, you have achieved brilliant results in just 7 months of schooling in the UK
From a Host Family, Suffolk
Alpha Guardians is a most competent and caring organisation
Most recent Aegis Inspection Report
We are really pleased with the work you are doing with our students. It is helpful for us to have you there, for every single thing that needs to be solved. We are very impressed with the high standard of the reports you are sending.

Alpha Guardians is accredited by AEGIS, the Association for the Education and the Guardianship of International students.

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