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Choosing a Guardian

Educational Guardian for your Child

Children and young people who come alone to study in the UK from abroad are required to have an Educational Guardian, who will take on the responsibilities on behalf of the parents, in finding a suitable host family, applying for school places (if required) and supervising the academic process through application, enrolment and study to ensure everything is ready for your child to begin their course of study. The school will then deal with the education guardian on day-to day matters and your child can turn to Alpha Guardians for help in any situation, as we provide 24/7 emergency cover. We are also able to help with any health, financial or travel needs ensuring your child has a safe and enjoyable time whilst here in the UK.

Why Alpha Guardians?

We are a company based in Suffolk that pride ourselves in providing a quality personal local service to students in our region. The multi-lingual team have a wealth of experience and expertise having worked for many years in this sector as well as other different areas of children’s work, and we have also all hosted international students personally.

Working closely with experienced agents and an excellent selection of schools we are able to provide a safe and secure environment where students can study and thrive, enjoying both the experience of studying in the UK, coupled with the studies necessary to gain excellent results and hopefully a place in further education or at university.

We understand that being away from home can be a daunting thought for both parents and students alike and we at Alpha Guardians aim to provide a supportive structure of support workers, experienced hosts and schools to ensure that your child adjusts as quickly as possible to their life in the UK and therefore gains the most from their experience, whether they are here for a short or long term placement, staying in a boarding school or with a host family.

In doing this we aim to provide a good range of high quality school placements, many of whom are experienced in dealing with students coming to the UK to study.  Our host families are all local, English speaking, and police checked. They are carefully chosen and matched with your child’s likes, dislikes and preferences in mind.

We also provide structured 24/7 welfare support from our experienced team from day one of the student’s stay in the UK throughout their study period. We deliver regular written reports to parents on both the homestay and school progress (depending upon programme chosen).  We are able to offer advice and support on academic and pastoral matters as well as student life and living in the UK.

How to Apply

Please complete the enquiry form here and we will send you an application form for you to fill in, and a list of supporting documentation that is required.

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